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My husband twisted my arm to go see this one a few Saturdays ago. I did not want to go kto volal. Not because I did not want to see the movie; I would love to see it once out on video. It’s just that the lead, Bella, or more accurately Kristen Stewart, turned me off to wanting to pay to see it in the theater.

I must confess, I really liked the first Twilight; moreso than I expected to. But I think the fame of the movie went to Kristen’s head as every time I see her being interviewed on TV or in a cameo discussing the movie or life in general, she seems rather arrogant. And coming from a 20-year old kid makes it that much more annoying. Granted she she has starred in a lot of hit movies so perhaps she has a right to be confident, but arrogant? Sorry - there are way too many good actresses out there I would rather watch than to support a snotty little thing who can ruin a perfectly good movie for me.

Now - that being said - I was wayyyy more into this movie than my husband which is ironic since he was the reason for me being there (I wanted to see Brothers, but apparently that one will have to wait.) Guess I dig chick flicks more than I thought.

New Moon definitely is more of a chick flick than the first Twilight in that it focused on Bella and her broken heart. After a bloody incident on her birthday that almost got Bella eaten by Edward’s adopted vampire brother, he decides the only way to protect her is by leaving her. The result? A very depressed Bella.

It’s in this depressed state that Bella discovers that when she behaves recklessly, Edward shows up. Granted he is just a cloudy vision that fades and dissipates in the wind, but he is there for a moment and she can hear him talking to her. Caught in this “ghostly” revelation, Bella decides to enlist Jacob’s help to get a couple of dirt bikes up and running. Unfortunately Bella is as dumb as she is cute and after almost killing herself on the thing, decides she should find other ways to get her adrenaline on. Luckily Jacob is more than happy to help with this as well. That is up until he uncovers a deep dark secret about himself and he too separates himself from Bella.

Now alone more than ever before, Bella yet again does the two things she does best: Feels sorry for herself, and almost kills herself - yet again - by drowning. Not surprising, it is Jacob - yet again - who comes to her rescue. Of course, at this point in the movie, I was rooting for her to just go ahead and die already and put us all out of our misery. Who cares if I shed a tear or two for the tramp. That’s just because all the little bimbos in the theater were bawling and I felt bad for them. That was what my two tears were shed for: The loss of innocence.

So word gets back to Edward that Bella has died but not the part about her being revived and as a result of his broken heart, he plans on pleaded to the vampire powers that be to end his existence. Well no way in hell is Bella gonna stand by and let that happen so she and Eddie’s sister Alice head off to the equivalent vampire Vatican in hopes of saving Edward, and giving them another chance at love. Fraught with emotion, and youthful lust love, and a skootch of suspense, New Moon delivers everything offered in the first installment plus some, including the development of the vampire/werewolf saga, and the setup of sexual tension between Bella and Jacob. throw in a tough dilemma that could alter all their lives forever, and you are left with one hell of a set up for installment 3, due out this June.

The only thing New Moon did not do was offer up enough blood shed nor enough suspense. The 130 minutes was about 30-45 minutes too long, and it while it had all the elements of a teenage romance drama flick if you will, it lacked most all of the elements needed to make it a thriller -much less a horror - flick.

So I shed a few tears… big deal. I cry over gay Folgers commercials at Christmas. And so what if I was really peeved over the cliff hanger they ended the movie with. I am only human after all, and a female one at that. And who cares if I will actually go see the 3rd installment at the theater, Kristen Stewart or not. Who won’t? I spend enough time being in the minority.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go search online for spoilers for New Moon: Eclipse. After all, how the hell am I supposed to wait until June to see who Bella will choose???