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James Cameron’s 2009 Avatar

As if it wasn’t enough for James Cameron to have created the number one hit movie of all time - TITANIC - he now holds the number two slot as well with his December release, Avatar. And it only seems a matter of days before Avatar will deservedly take over the number one spot.

Following the basic story line as that of Dances With Wolves except taking place in the year 2154 instead of during the civil war, and taking place on a planet named Pandora instead of here on earth. Involving an alien people known as the Na’vi instead of Sioux Indians, and where the human race wants a valuable mineral ore that can only be found on the Na’vi planet, instead of where the white man wants to kill all the Sioux. Oh and one is animated, and one is not. But aside from those factors, they are more or less the same movie.

Both were amazing films with amazing actors; intense in their script and delivery. Action packed and emotion filled; both keep you thinking long after the film as stopped rolling; and both have underlying lessons that everyone, man, woman, and alien alike, should learn. I cannot recommend Avatar enough. Or Dances With Wolves for that matter.

So I summed them up in the poetry form known as a Cinquain entitled (fittingly) Avatar (or call it Dances With Wolves if you prefer. Both are equally fitting):

Greed may destroy the life; but love restores the hope. And a new world without judgment is born.